Reducing Property Taxes

A major priority of mine is to find innovative ways to lower the cost of government at all levels and control property taxes.

Towards that end, I helped create the Water Infrastructure Improvement Act of 2015, which provides grants to local governments for clean water projects. The program is now worth $425 million in direct grants -- costs that would have been borne by property taxpayers that will now be funded by the state.

I have also supported changes to reduce the property tax burden and to have New York State assume more of the cost of Medicaid that is now paid through county property taxes. I support a full state takeover of the county share of Medicaid and a requirement that counties reduce their tax levy by that amount. In addition, I have advocated for increased state aid to Westchester school districts, which has resulted in over $560 million in additional appropriations in the last four years. This assistance again reduces the burden on the property taxpayer.

While Westchester residents want quality services, they also appreciate innovation that will preserve quality while lowering costs. I continue to use my knowledge of local and state government to help municipalities and school districts find ways to reduce their expenses. I support efforts to give local officials the tools they need to share services, reduce costs and lower expenses, wherever possible.