NYS Passes Paid Sick Leave Legislation to Fight COVID-19

Steve Otis co-sponsored legislation to provide all private and public sector employees in New York with sick leave and wage replacement during a mandatory or precautionary order of quarantine or isolation due to COVID-19. This legislation allows all employees to receive anti-retaliation and job protections and is effective immediately. The legislation was signed by Governor Cuomo Wednesday night.

Steve Otis stated, “The economic challenge created by the COVID-19 crisis is only beginning. This legislation will help slow the spread of the coronavirus by providing financial stability to workers who need to stay in isolation. Both part-time and full-time, public or private sector employees are eligible for sick leave benefits outlined in the legislation. As the crisis continues, further economic actions will be required by the federal and state government to protect individuals, families and businesses so that we can weather the storm as a nation.”