Facing Staggering Clean Water Repair Costs, Unlikely Coalition Calls for $800 Million in State Public Works Grants and Assistance

Joining an unlikely coalition of construction executives, union officials and conservationists, a group of local municipal officials and state lawmakers gathered today at Hommocks Conservation area in Mamaroneck to focus attention on the critically needed clean water infrastructure projects in Mamaroneck, New Rochelle and surrounding communities.

“The success of the clean water infrastructure grant program in its first two years underscores the enormous need for state funds to make critical water quality projects affordable for local governments and taxpayers,” said Assemblyman Steve Otis, who helped initiate the program in the State Assembly. “With the strong support of Governor Cuomo and Assembly Speaker Heastie we have already enabled over $1 billion in water projects to move forward. We need to continue to increase and expand this vital program, which creates jobs, cleans our environment and lowers property taxes.”

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